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Monday, April 24, 2006

Booker prize, here I come

I have started my first novel! Okay, so I started one when I was about 10, but since then - nothing. I always figured I would one day graduate from short stories and feel ready for a novel (like a literary maternal instinct that eventually matures), but in the last three years I don't think I have written a single story. Not since my collection was turned down by a Welsh publisher.

Over the last week, an idea has been brewing - thanks to Shirley, who started it, and the books I've been reviewing for CBUK - and it's been building in a state of excitement. I read the latest issue of Mslexia in the bath yesterday, and kept storing away ideas until there were too many to keep in my head much longer.

Today I started! And - shock, horror - it was great fun! I am terribly excited. It is aimed at young pre-teens, and it is about a drama-queen teenager who keeps a blog.

I have written 1,146 words so far. And really enjoyed it, and have so many more ideas. I am SO not going to do any work today. And it's good! Well, I think so.


  • At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If the closest I ever get to being an acclaimed author is to be an acclaimed author's muse, I say 'you go girl!'

    Really, the market for teen love lit is seemingly limitless if the number of new books for this genre dropping through my letter box is anything to go by.

    Anna, you've already discovered, the writing within is not always of a significantly high calibre. What we are expecting from you is a new genre of quality teen lite lit - the accent on quality being all-important.

    It will, I know, also be bang-on- the-minute and highly entertaining - and there'll be a teeny tiny mention of CBUK Info in there somewhere? Hint.



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