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Monday, April 10, 2006


I have lots to do, and am determined to have a productive day. But Holly, the fighting cats, the new issue of Glamour, and some new books for reviewing, all say otherwise.

On Friday I met another copywriter for lunch. Her name is also Anna; she lives in Brighton, and she also never does any work. I told her all about my time-warp desk (where unspent days are consumed by the week) and she sympathised. She said that she has to start getting some more work in order to get the Taxman to pay her maternity wages in the autumn. Apparently you have to prove that you are earning before he will give you money for nappies. It is a hard life being self-employed.

Apparently now you also have to prove to the mortgage company that you earn money, before they will give you a mortgage. I am very lucky not to have had this problem. Our mortgage company allowed me to make up my salary, which I happily and optimistically did. Oh yes, and I wonder why the mortgage payments are so ridiculously high. It's because I told them I was a squillionaire - that's why.

In pursuit of paying the mortgage, I put my rates up on April 1st (not as a joke). This month I also need to find out how to increase my income, because - surprisingly - my rates have little relationship to my monthly wages. How that works, I will never know. I have NO FINANCIAL CLUE.

Anyone know why I am self-employed? Hee hee hee hee hee hee (giggles like an elf).

I made a mistake on an invoice last week. "Is that why you work with words not numbers?" the client asked. Do you see what I have to put up with? Honestly, even the clients mock me.

Lots more thoughts on self-employment at the moment, but it strikes me that I should hop over to my other blog and write about them there. They are all a bit businessy and boring for this lovely pink place.


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