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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Meatrix


tee hee.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ring, ring, ring, ring

While ignoring the ringing telephone is one of my greatest talents, Steve seems to have compulsive-pick-up disorder. He will insist on answering every gosh-damn phone call. He will NOT let the machine get it.

I like to screen at all times, and choose who to call back. Also, I secretly like to be precious when I am writing, and refuse to speak to anyone, like an obnoxious artist. (Can nobody LEAVE ME to CREATE IN PEACE??!! Melodramatic stamping)

Steve has, however, been off work. He doesn't remember that the line is my work line during the daytime, and he hasn't got the hang of the BT caller-identity thing, so, to cut a long story short, I have some urgent work to do today. I am supposed to be on holiday too, gosh-damnit! If he had ignored the phone we could have pretended to be in Alicante, or something, and I could have been reading my nice old-fashioned novel by the fire at this very moment. But no, the compulsive-phone-answerer strikes again.

Ask him to lie? I would, but he is the worst liar ever. The other day, after saying cheerily 'yes, I'll just fetch her', he returned and said, feigning surprise, 'Ooh! She seems to have gone. Hm, can I take a message?'

Never mind - nuff complaining. The sun isn't out yet, and if it emerges we will go to the beach - tough luck.

Some nice organic articles I have just finished for Natural Collection:

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Wonderful Welsh, Part 1

Just posted a Welsh veggie recipe on my vegetable blog. And speaking of lovely Welsh, here is the lovely Rhys Ifans in a fantabuloso video for Oasis!

Fantabu-? I need to get out more. Without my anorak.

The Importance of Being Idle - Video

Public Enemy no2

Now Holly has an evil nemesis, too. (Like Charlie's Demon Tabby.) He is an Alsatian called Alfie. He is 2 years old but he brings a whole new meaning to the terrible twos.

He threw her into the bushes yesterday - all I could hear was yelping and then Holly leapt out and dashed back to me, ready to climb into my arms and never brave the world again.

Today we spotted him early, and turned and ran. But I am not sure this is a good long-term strategy. We need a plan to either force him off our walking territory, or just punch him in in the nose. I am thinking to go with a good punch.

I sometimes wonder if my two girls are this wimpy because of me. If my children were being bullied, would I tell them to run screaming whenever they caught sight of the bully?

Probably, yes.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Adventures with my Box

Inspired by our vegetable box, Jon and the Scrivners, I have finally decided to start a new blog - a vegetarian version of Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries, and an excuse to indulge my foodie obsessions.

(not much on it yet!)