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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Getting organised

There's nothing like a holiday plan to speed up the organisation process! This week I've been ever so busy working, invoicing, ironing, baking, cleaning, hoovering, stain-removing, de-cluttering. Phew. All because we are counting down to the holidays on Friday!

We are off to a little cottage in romantic St Davids, West Wales. The dog's coming, but that aside, we're planning to mooch around in pyjamas, watch a lot of Christmas movies, and drink champagne. Perfect!

But before then, I have to iron a heck of a lot more, and coax a reluctant MD into talking to me on the telephone. It's not often I make phone calls where I'm the one doing the talking.

Now then, I have a little dilemma. Supposing that one had accidentally opened husband's telephone bill, and recognised the number of a certain jeweller? Should one keep quiet or blab to husband that yet again, his Christmas surprise has been ruined? (This happened once before, when my Grandma rang on Christmas morning and blurted: "Did you love the bracelet?!", even though I'd just told her that we hadn't yet opened our presents.)

Grandma and Grandad have always gotten up ridiculously early at Christmas. My brothers think I'm a nuisance banging on their doors at 8am, but whenever Grandma and Grandad stayed, I'd run to their room and find them sitting up with wrapping paper all around the bed.

Anyway, I digress. Probably keeping schtum is the best bet. I wish I didn't compulsively read everything. No matter who the post is addressed to, I'll usually open it. (Yes, I know it's a criminal offence to read letters addressed to your home's last owners.) It's quicker than writing RETURN TO SENDER and walking to the post box.

Christmas cards all sent, I think. Presents all bought, I hope (a couple of panicky ones this week but they're all here now). Sainsbury's shopping ordered for the 22nd (to back up the vegetable box, of course!). Ironing.... yet to be done. But husband is working late tonight so I will be able to put on a Christmas episode of Ally McBeal and work through it.

Now I am going to have a mince pie and do some work (with a pen!) downstairs, with the dog. Caroling, caroling, through the town, Christmas bells are ringing...

Oh and do you know what else is on my mind this week? Stupid people who hate Christmas. It is entirely beyond my reach of understanding. And yet it seems to be a universal joke to hate Christmas, and laugh at those who revel in the festivities. I was in B&Q on Sunday (dragged by husband, and allowed to stay in the Christmas aisle), standing in the doorway, watching a darling trio of outdoor dancing snowmen who were singing Christmas songs. (Husband won't let me put things like this on or outside our house, so I enjoy them when I can.) A family walked in behind me and the father, smirking, went to the lead singer and pretended to kick him in the head. The rest of them laughed and continued straight past, while I stood there, aghast. Kicking a singing snowman? It doesn't get much Scroogier than that.


  • At 5:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your Christmas plans sound wonderful Anna. If it hadn't have been for the Winter of Ill-health (Spring & Summer too) we planned to escape up to Hull, stay in a cottage near the children & grandchildren and have the Best of Both Worlds. I'd still like to have my very Good Wishes for a lovely, yummy together time.


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