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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ring, ring, ring, ring

While ignoring the ringing telephone is one of my greatest talents, Steve seems to have compulsive-pick-up disorder. He will insist on answering every gosh-damn phone call. He will NOT let the machine get it.

I like to screen at all times, and choose who to call back. Also, I secretly like to be precious when I am writing, and refuse to speak to anyone, like an obnoxious artist. (Can nobody LEAVE ME to CREATE IN PEACE??!! Melodramatic stamping)

Steve has, however, been off work. He doesn't remember that the line is my work line during the daytime, and he hasn't got the hang of the BT caller-identity thing, so, to cut a long story short, I have some urgent work to do today. I am supposed to be on holiday too, gosh-damnit! If he had ignored the phone we could have pretended to be in Alicante, or something, and I could have been reading my nice old-fashioned novel by the fire at this very moment. But no, the compulsive-phone-answerer strikes again.

Ask him to lie? I would, but he is the worst liar ever. The other day, after saying cheerily 'yes, I'll just fetch her', he returned and said, feigning surprise, 'Ooh! She seems to have gone. Hm, can I take a message?'

Never mind - nuff complaining. The sun isn't out yet, and if it emerges we will go to the beach - tough luck.

Some nice organic articles I have just finished for Natural Collection:


  • At 4:46 AM, Blogger jodes da princess said…

    fab articles! and I love natural collection. we just got some organic tooth paste from them, and a lovely retro string shopping bag!!

  • At 12:40 PM, Blogger Jon said…

    Funny story, I am a pretty bad liar too. Although I am also extremely lazy so rarely ever make it to the phone in time before it clicks to the answer phone.


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