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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


It's funny how the times when I have most work are the times I choose to shirk. (Did that rhyme?) In my efforts to avoid work today I have been to Londis, looked at photographs of dresses worn to the Golden Globes, made a loaf of olive bread and sellotaped up the boxes of Christmas decorations.

There is a website somewhere by a man who lists all the ways he avoids work. I can't remember what it's called - what's that word for putting things off? Procrastination? no, I have lost my vocabulary. What IS it?

This is what happens when you try to do 60 hours' worth of work in five days. It is a lesson, to be sure.

Friday is a day of cleaning and lying-in and the odd spot of copy and not much else. Hurrah! (PS, I am not really workshy - I worked on Sunday, so this weekend I have earned a three-day break.)

(Who am I kidding? - I am as workshy as they come. :-) )


  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger Liz said…


    Now do some work!

    What on earth are those letters I am supposed to interpret?!


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