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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

War Wounds

I have to be honest - the reason I haven't posted for a while is because I visit my blog and get distracted by that cute lickle puppy.

But here we are. Now her picture is off the screen, so maybe I will get more work done.

The Demon Tabby has injured my baby puss so now it's War. The vet said to get an airgun and if the vet says it, it must be okay? A water pistol is the minimum requirement so Steve is under orders to collect one (or two, or several) on his way home today. This way I can set it up in my window, like an uzi, and then just randomly fire whenever I see a rustling in the bushes.

At least it didn't follow her into the house - they were fighting, Charlie ran over to me, and the tabby followed and then stopped. And looked at me. I quickly seized a bowl of water (handy having rubbish in the garden) and threw it - and got the demon! Hurrah.

I do think my responses need sharpening up though - am thinking some practice sessions, with Steve holding up a box to represent the tabby and running around the garden? I would need to practise from outside and in to get really good. I will wait for my supersoaker and then we will commence.

So anyway, yes, I didn't realise at first but when Charlie raced into the house and hid on the top shelf of the wardrobe, I figured something extra-bad had happened, so I went and prodded at her until I could see the problem. The demon ripped her ear!!! For heaven's sake. The poor lickle thing was torn and red and bloody. So we had an emergency trip to the new vet. As I haven't even got around to registering her with them yet, it was very kind of them to stay open until 7 waiting for us to arrive.

The poorly ear was shaved and cleaned and is now recuperating in a darkened bedroom.

Charlie is also on a course of antibiotics, which is always fun. I have no idea how one person is supposed to lift up the cat, hold open her jaws and pop in the pill - that's three hands, as far as I can tell. So we have mixed it amongst her food, which probably isn't at all nice.

On a jollier note, it is only 10 days to Christmas!!!!!!!! Wowee. I so can't wait. Our potted tree is so cute and twinkly and the living room is a picture with the log fire and the sparkly presents. The only blight on the horizon is that I have so far not been able to find 'Muppets Christmas Carol' in the Radio Times, and am quite concerned that my favourite has been left out of the schedule. Is v.bad. Catastrophic, maybe.


  • At 3:18 PM, Blogger Jon said…

    A shotgun, and a good aim should solve all your problems.


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