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Saturday, December 24, 2005

'Twas Christmas Eve in the workhouse

And the snow was raining fast. (Well, actually, it's too warm to snow.)

Our garden centre had sledges today. I nearly bought one.

But here is the main news of the day: It's Christmas Eve!!!!!!!! I wouldn't be blogging, but Steve is wrapping my presents up and has thrown me out of the living room.

I will probably go downstairs to find a large box with whimpering sounds coming from it.

We have spent a happy day running in the garden, cleaning up poo, watching 80s films on ITV, and photographing Holly. Even Charlie is warming to her - and who wouldn't? - she is just so cute.

We took her for a walk this afternoon but have since discovered that she isn't to go in public places until she has her jabs, so I hope she doesn't die before we even get her to the vet.

And so far we have suffered no:
Well, hardly any.
Which are all the things that people have taken great joy in warning us about. She is the most angelic puppy the world has ever seen. All she asks is a cuddle and the occasional game of fetch, and she loves us almost as much as we love her...


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