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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

An Ode to Electricity

So our electric bill is £228. I especially like how Scottish Power have been refusing to tell me how much we owe since November 11th. They told me our next bill would be calculated on February 2nd. So today I registered online, typed in our meter reading, and nearly died.

All electric appliances are now off, apart from the PC and stereo. The ticking meter above my head is tormenting me. As it ticks, it counts away money that I don't have.




Right, the stereo is going off.


Life is less fun without electricity. In a dark, dark house, Holly and I sit at a dark, dark screen as our bottoms gradually freeze. For dinner we will have something that is quickly warmed on the hob. The oven is banned. So are the DVD player and the main lights.

We are very sad and soon will have viral coughs.

I feel sorry for cavemen.


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