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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Puppy Love

We went to see a litter of puppies last night. (Hands up who doesn't know where this is going.)

Steve he was in a right grump about it all. I rang him at lunchtime yesterday to say "Guess what? We're going to see some puppies this evening!" - and he yelled at me on the phone, then pretty much continued when he got in from work.

So I said we wouldn't go, and I would cancel, but he said "No, we might as well go now you've arranged it, and on my night off as well" (because he is usually always on call).

It continued in the car on the way there (they live near Torquay - miles and miles away, took us an hour each way!!); Steve making all the sensible objections like a right royal grump. "You wouldn't get up early and walk it EVERY morning!! I'd have to do it!! Charlie's life will be ruined! All the furniture will be ruined. I don't even WANT a dog!!!!!"

When we got there, the puppies - all four of them, each about as big as Charlie (who is a very small cat) - came bounding outside with their owner, ran straight to us, and started jumping on our laps and licking our ears and fighting for attention. And Steve just melted on the spot!!!

He started saying things like "Ooh, they've got very good muscle structure" and "they're nice and shiny" and "the mum is very slender for a labrador" and "how often would we have to walk them to be sure of exercising them enough?" and I knew the battle was won!

In the car on the way back it was all "Do you think we can rearrange our Christmas plans and take her home sooner?" and "Will she be okay on her own until the 23rd?" and "Don't you think she will be lonely when all her brothers get sold?". Tee hee. He is so predictably soft.

So we are not buying any Christmas presents for each other... and are settling for this cuddly little house-ruiner instead. They are so adorably bouncy and attention-seeking - lab/springer cross with smallish parents - and we can't wait.

(And that'll teach that demon tabby!!)


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