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Monday, January 30, 2006

From fashion advice to Francis Drake

I've got some brilliant work on at the moment (and in the pipeline, I hope). Apart from just having started my Fashion Guru Residency on a trendy website, and merrily dishing out advice about the latest shoes (pretty flats, if you care) and Keira Knightley's efforts to look curvy (not a problem I've ever had) - apart from that, I also have some great new work in the upping. (Is that a word?)

One is a company who are creating a series of tourist websites for Devon -,, etc; needless to say this sounds like a marvellous job. Train and lunch expenses, a fun day trip checking out museums and then home to write it all up. Did you know Francis Drake sailed from Plymouth? And other stuff about the Pilgrims and something about the founding fathers of America, courtesy of Google. All very interesting. I might take Holly, if dogs are allowed on trains?

The only problem is that she might wee. But I understand wee is okay on trains these days. At least, if you travel on the mid-wales lines it is. (BLEEEURGH!)

She only wees on her own bed at the moment, which is puzzling. Surely our expensive rug would be the place most puppies would choose? But apparently she prefers to sleep in wee. Fine by me - haven't got any hot water to wash her bed, anyway, so she can jolly well sleep in it.

Ah yes, work. Another prospective new project involves writing features about properties around Devon (presumably ones that are for sale, but we'll see). I am meeting a man on Thursday to talk about it. But so far it sounds good to me, as long as the owners aren't too posh. I made a fool of myself, once (well, actually, a lot more times than that), when I was commissioned to interview a woman who lived in a MANSION. No, not just a mansion - it was a jaw-dropping, pop-star type mansion. She had her own Olympic-sized pool, and friends who regularly helicoptered in from London (so much quicker than road, don't you know). I was totally awe-struck and had no idea what to ask her. She used to run the fashion company behind Dorothy Perkins. Completely different world.

I am getting distracted again. At the moment I am writing up some copy for a brand new skincare range which is developed by a lovely man who used to work for Clinique and Crabtree+Evelyn. He is promising samples soon.... mmm, no more wrinkles, I hope.

So anyway, in all I am feeling utterly blessed and privileged.

I am barely earning enough to pay the mortgage, but heck, am I having a ball. I feel really very happy and am wondering what I have done to deserve it, quite frankly.

And it's sunny. It doesn't get any better...


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