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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ignorance is bliss

Actually no, it isn't.

You see, I wrote copy for the chocolate fountains, and I wrote copy for the eye-lifting serum, and I wrote copy for the toys and the web consultants and the organic place and all the other people who say 'yes, if you like, you can write us something' and then


I could be in my room sending emails to myself for all it matters. I could be imagining these requests and hopefully inventing companies and creating alternative personas to stay employed.

But time and again, I enthusiastically launch myself at the sample copy, and give it all I've got, all the puns and comedy timing and alliteration I can pull out of my hat, and then


  • At 3:35 PM, Blogger jodes da princess said…

    I've not got anything particularly useful to say, but I wanted to post a comment, because there you were, downhearted by the fact that you'd had no replies, and there was your blog, reply-less also. it made me a little sad.

    I'm sure you will get some good replies soon from hugely worthwhile (and despicably wealthy and generous) employers.


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