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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

On and on and on it goes

Water bills, electricity direct debits, mortgage repayments, vegetable payments, supermarket shopping, curtains, wood for the stove, coffee and tea, telephone bills, petrol, catfood, council tax, income tax, national insurance, recycling,

How do you know when need stops and want begins? Do you need curtains and telephone calls? Would we be able to cut back? It just goes on, all the things you must have and the money you must work for to pay for the things you must have, and then you use those things up and need more, newer, better things and to pay for everyone else's rises and rates, in a circle. Mortgage payments are half a person's salary. Bills are the rest and that's about it, all accounted for. 37 hour weeks only pay for the cost of living - since when did this happen? What is the way out? There is no modern equivalent to self-sufficiency, is there?

Is there?


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