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Monday, October 24, 2005

Ah, 16:55,

Another day wasted. Have done 0 hours of writing today, apart from this blog. Which obviously counts. Oh, and I wrote some ecommerce news for my website, which is as exciting as watching the neighbour's paid gardener rake leaves. (He seems to do this an awful lot. I wonder if his employer secretly goes out at night and scatters them again.)

I did, however, write to the people who hire out chocolate fountains round here. It's important to get in with this sort of people, you see. They responded kindly to my over-enthusiastic email and have invited me to write some copy for them. Which is nice. I get to think about chocolate tomorrow.

The rest of the day, I mainly searched for a recipe for Greek beans, which I discovered in Swansea and am addicted to.

The weekend was good - hot, and sunny, with plenty of wine. I mainly gardened, while Cyril the toad watched me from beneath the bamboo. He sticks the top of his head above the water and looks around with googly-eyes. I like him, as long as he never touches me.

I also wrote some sample copy for a children's toy website, which obviously resulted in a lot of delighted browsing. I SO want the puppet theatre they have. Can I put a link in? No? Okay then.

And now it's 5pm. Tomorrow I will write the chocolate copy, finish my Christmas copy, publish my web updates and get oodles of work. Oh yes.


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