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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

To wash or not to wash?

How many days of not-bathing does it take before one starts to smell? Would the boy at Londis say anything if one did smell? Maybe I should try an experiment in pushing the social boundaries. It would kill some time, at least.

Ooh, an email from Screwfix. And an excuse to digress.

"Get kitted out: Dear Anna, with lots of new brands and exciting ranges, you'll find a power tool for every job and every pocket at Screwfix."

Now then,
1. Why do they have me on their list? Have I unknowingly signed onto a power tool website and left an information trail?
2. I certainly don't have lots of new brands and exciting ranges. They ought to get a writer who understands the basic rules of grammar.

Surely this email should be appealing on a more basic level. "We've got the BIGGEST power tools for making the HUGEST HOLES and MORE MESS than anyone in the business. So if you want to feel the business, come to screwfix..." Even the name is unashamedly macho.


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