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Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday meandering

So it's Friday, I have a whole load of work that has been shuffled along all week and is now in a great big pile at the end of the day. It all has to be done by today and I can't see that I have any hope. It isn't going to happen. And nobody is to blame but me. (See how I'm taking the self help words to heart?)

So I am panicking, at which time my strategies are usually (1) ignorance and (2)keeping myself distracted. See, the veg box just arrived!! And, instead of learning from last year, when we were overwhelmed with pumpkins for 8 months, I have ordered the seasonal Squash Box! 8kg of delicious squash in different shapes and sizes.

Mind you, leaving it on the doormat while I went to get dressed wasn't a good move, as Holly has developed rather a taste for the small, spotty ones. She has eaten quite a bit so I am hoping raw squash is safe for dogs. Good for her teeth, by the sound of the cracking and nibbling she was doing.

I forgot she wasn't even here last year for Halloween. We won't be leaving our pumpkin lanterns on the windowsill this year, clearly.

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Also in the vegetable box, which is in a weird summer/winter transition period: Celery, broccoli, spinach, dirty rocket (which I am addicted to), tomatoes, miniature orange squash, red cabbage, lettuce, and ONE other thing that I have forgotten. Yum, yum to all of it apart from the broccoli, which I can eat boiled but not in soup (yeurk). I am making a big vat of squash and sweetcorn soup tomorrow. Without broccoli, obviously.

Now, back to the architectural visualisation and funeral copy. For now...


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