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Monday, September 11, 2006

Lovely Flowers

I have some test copy to write for a well-known gardening company, which I am very excited about. But they want it asap, which is a slight worry as I already have 2 websites to write this week. No, make that 3.

Our garden is looking blooming lovely, too - wonderful cosmos all around. Steve thinks it looks messy but I think it is curly, and wild, and romantic. And you can cut it and cut it and it keeps coming back for more.

Indoors, I have turned the stupid-why-did-we-buy-a-3-bedroom-house spare room into a greenhouse. We have a selection of herbs growing very nicely indeed, and so far Charlie has not mistaken them for her litter tray.

Pink gardening gloves are on my Christmas List (which is already rather long, featuring Circaroma Rose Oil and Fingerless Silk Gloves). I think these could prove hard to find. I could be the only 27-year-old gardening geek in the world. This is good for the gardening company, who probably will appreciate the youthful enthusiasm. I expect they are all old and use those shoulder-height weeders and weed-suppressing plastic, and drink tea from covered tea cups.

But what's boring about gardening? I will become the Nigella Lawson of horticulture. If they pay me enough, I am going to send myself on a gardening course. I even love weeding. As Steve says, his gardening role is now mainly on the maintenance side. (Mowing the lawn, in man-talk.)

I mainly wanted to write this post so I could put a nice picture in. I can stop rambling now, because it has uploaded.


  • At 11:38 PM, Blogger Jon said…

    I'm a fan of gardening too. Luckily I have the watchful eye of my parents to rely on who also love shoulder-height weeders and weed suppressing plastic.


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